Compression Moulded composite components developed for Missile projects like LRSAM, Akash, BrahMos, Agni, Prithvi, etc.,

We are leading manufacturer of

  • compression moulded composites component for missile using dough moulding compound, carbon phenolic prepregs and wet layup of thermoset resins.
  • Transfer moulding for in-situ moulding of heat insulating metal components.
  • Carbon phenolic lining in metal components by using Vaccum bag moulding for Missiles.


  • Compression moulding for DMC, BMC, SMC & wet layup.
  • Transfer moulding for DMC.
  • Vacuum bag moulding of prepregs.
  • Hot air oven curing of prepregs.
  • Polyurethane hard foams

Raw Materials used:    

  • Moulding compounds
  • Phenolic DMC AND BMC.
  • Polyester SMC

Various types of Reinforcement used:

  • Carbon fabric
  • S glass fabric
  • E glass fabric
  • High silica fabric

Various types of Resin system used:

  • Phenol formaldehyde
  • Epoxy
  • Silicon
  • Epoxy phenolic
  • Anamide

Future Process:

  • We are planning to manufacture Autoclaveable composite components for Aircraft & Missiles using special fibers and resin systems.  And also Ablative components for launch vehicles.
  • We are in the plan of manufacturing Helicopter components using Vacuum assisted resin infusion moulding using non woven fabric and Advanced resin systems.