Employee Safety and Commitment:

At Salem Aeropark, our goal for the safety of the employees is clear and simple. This is built based on values like empowerment, openness, trust and teamwork.

We aim to address all workplace injuries thus ensuring the safety of the employees. We value the well – being of our employees above everything and take appropriate actions as we are responsible for each other’s safety.

As we work with multinational companies representing various cultures and stationed at different areas, we ensure that we abide with international principles and communicate it to all our employees across the organization.

We also believe in diversity which helps us to cater all the customer needs effectively. All employees regardless of their position in the company, gender, race, nationality will be treated as one.


Environmental Commitment:

Everything we do has an impact on the environment; i.e. from the raw materials we select, the way we, our suppliers / sub- contractors process and manufacture them; the energy used to make those products and transport them to our customers and so on.

In other words, each and every stage in our supply chain gives us an opportunity to make an impact in our environment. To reduce this impact, we have received certification to our organization in accordance to ISO14001 in 2016. Ever since then, we have been working on reducing the environmental impact by continually taking steps which can address them at various stages of our product development cycle. Doing this, not only addresses our environmental responsibility but also preserves it for our future generations.



We, AEROSPACE ENGINEERS would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce our company AEROSPACE ENGINEERS, so that you may consider integrating our company to your list of approved suppliers.

AEROSPACE ENGINEERS, is a Precision Parts Manufacturing Company and certified by AS 9100C and is engaged in a wide range of services in the Aviation field. Our core Manufacturing include Machining of Metallic parts and Moulding of Non-Metallic parts. Established in 2001, our company is committed to maintain or exceed standards that are demanded by the best companies in the Aviation field. We believe in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long-term relationships.

AEROSPACE ENGINEERS, a one stop solution provider for all high end technologies and especially for aviation industry. Our team consists of experts we have cumulative 25 years of experience in industries from design , facility planning to testing and certification . We have the hands on experiencing in above areas in most of the aerospace projects executed in India for last 12 years.

We with our experience ,engineering solutions will be given in the areas of analysis and validation, reverse engineering, simulation, value addition, prototyping, finally documentation and certification.

AEROSPACE ENGINEERS’s recent and remarkable triumph is the development of Lube oil Pump for Main Gear Box, for Aircraft which has secured approval from Air Worthiness Authorities and an “AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN AEROSPACE INDIGENISATION” from SIATI.


  • Working towards NADCAP certification
  • Working towards NABL Certification