Metallic Products

We supply for every major engine programs in which not less than 1200 components are developed by Aerospace Engineers in both Metallic and Non-metallic components. We have long-term supply agreements mainly for engine projects like Su30, Su33, Shakthi, Artouste, Garrett, Orpheus, Dart, Adour, PTAE through Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Bangalore and Sukhoi Engine Division, Koraput.

More than 100 hose assemblies are approved by Centre of Military Airworthiness Certification (CEMILAC) for use on Helicopters and Aircrafts.


  • Design & Development of Lubricating Oil Pump for Main Gear Box for ALH & LUH
  • Dual Pumps
  • Metallic Braided Hose Assemblies
  • Pilot Control Column & Throttle Handle
  • Tungsten & Graphite Machining
  • Composite components
  • Lock Nut & Washers
  • Kover Material machining


  • For Excellence in Aerospace Indigensiation from SIATI (Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies) for Development of Lubricating Oil pump for ALH.


  • Design & Development capability Approval accorded by CEMILAC for surface treatment processes.
  • Working towards NADCAP Approval for Surface Treatment of Metals by 2017