Non-Metallic Products

About 115 variety of Rubber compounds developed to meet the Global Aviation Standards and was approved by Global Airworthiness.  The Inflatable Cockpit Seals are successfully developed for Kiran, LCA, LCA Trainer, Su30MKI and IJT.

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  • Aircraft Interiors, Lightings, Cargo, Seatings for CIVIL AIRCRAFT
  • Helicopters – ALH, LUH, Cheetah & Cheetak
  • Military
  • Defence
  • Aerospace
  • Civil Aviation


  • Fire proof Seals & hoses with Thermal Insulation blankets used in high temperature areas.
  • Rubber to Metal bonded components used in hot temperature zone
  • Vibration Isolators used for Rocket launching programs
  • Seal Bleed valves used in engine areas for civil aviation programs
  • Silicone & Neoprene Sponge components
  • High temperature convoluted bellows used in engine duct areas
  • Oxygen hoses
  • Spring Hose Assemblies
  • EMI/EMC conductive silicone gasket to specification MilG 83528
  • ‘P’ clips and clamps with elastomers like Fluorosilicone, Nitrile, Silicone & Neoprene used in Aircraft & Helicopters in Electrical circuit lining purpose
  • Fabric Reinforced rubber components

Compression Moulded composite components developed for Missile projects like LRSAM, Akash, BrahMos, Agni, Prithvi, etc.,

We are leading manufacturer of

  • compression moulded composites component for missile using dough moulding compound, carbon phenolic prepregs and wet layup of thermoset resins.
  • Transfer moulding for in-situ moulding of heat insulating metal components.
  • Carbon phenolic lining in metal components by using Vaccum bag moulding for Missiles.


  • Compression moulding for DMC, BMC, SMC & wet layup.
  • Transfer moulding for DMC.
  • Vacuum bag moulding of prepregs.
  • Hot air oven curing of prepregs.
  • Polyurethane hard foams

Raw Materials used:    

  • Moulding compounds
  • Phenolic DMC AND BMC.
  • Polyester SMC

Various types of Reinforcement used:

  • Carbon fabric
  • S glass fabric
  • E glass fabric
  • High silica fabric

Various types of Resin system used:

  • Phenol formaldehyde
  • Epoxy
  • Silicon
  • Epoxy phenolic
  • Anamide

Future Process:

  • We are planning to manufacture Autoclaveable composite components for Aircraft & Missiles using special fibers and resin systems.  And also Ablative components for launch vehicles.
  • We are in the plan of manufacturing Helicopter components using Vacuum assisted resin infusion moulding using non woven fabric and Advanced resin systems.